60 second

Is it time for your 60 second make-over?

60 second

Get ready for your 60 second presentation…

Some people love them and some people hate them. Those 60 second slots to introduce ourselves at networking sessions are business Marmite.

However you feel about them, they can be important when it comes to making the right impression on would-be customers.

Do well, and you might make a lasting business-client relationship, but do badly, and you pass up a chance to impress.

Here are our top 5 tips to ensure you communicate well and make the right impression:

1. Say who you are and what you do.
You’d be amazed how many people forget this. It’s worth saying it up front and reminding people quickly at the end.

2. Talk about what you can do for potential customers.
So many people talk about themselves and list their products. Would-be customers want to know how you can help them – sell the benefits.

3. Create a way to be remembered.
Taking something visual along is a good tip. Will you be the bloke with the hi-vis vest or the woman with the hula hoop? You’ll stand out from the crowd. Creating a verbal hook for the end of your speech is also a good technique – something which plays on words in your industry always goes down well.

4. Write it down.
Don’t write down the whole 60-second speech, write bullet points. It’s useful to have something to pull you back into the flow if you feel yourself getting lost, but not something that makes you read aloud instead of interacting with the room.

5. React to things around you.
Think about the audience, the location, or if something funny has just happened. Don’t be afraid to work a little of that in at the last minute – it’ll make your 60 seconds seem fresh.

Don’t worry if giving that 60 seconds feels daunting as most of us felt like that until we became used to doing it.

We certainly did!
Practise makes perfect. So even if you have a few stumbles on the first few occasions you speak, you will improve.
Remember, there’s always someone new at these events who won’t have seen your 60 seconds before.
You can make a great first impression on them, and change the way the rest of the group sees you, too.

It’s time for your 60-second make-over!


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